Full bodywork massage

Searching for a great massage, sports massage, or pregnancy massage close to you? You’ll find these and other massage bodyworks specialized in techniques designed to help you feel and perform better.
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Substance Abuse Therapy

Reduces the pain and relieves abnormalities caused by "Withdrawal scale" stress caused by alcohol and drug problems.
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Facial massage

Facial massage helps promote healthy skin. We relax your facial muscles, scalp and facial areas to relieve tension and make you look and feel younger. It has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect.
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Hand massage

Studies have shown that having a professional hand massage just once a week, may help reduce the pain associated with many conditions, including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neuropathy.
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Foot massage

You can improve your blood circulation with 15 minutes of daily foot massage. This in turn will help transport oxygen to the body’s cells, which is essential for overall health.
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Chair massage

A professional chair massage is performed with the same care and precautions as the full table version. Massage therapists ask clients about their goals and physical limitations.
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Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage therapy is a safe and rewarding technique. Many of those who undergo hot stone massage see relatively immediate changes as far as the relaxation of their muscles, as well as improvements at bedtime.
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Aromatherapy works by stimulating smell receptors in the nose, which then send messages through the nervous system to the limbic system — the part of the brain that controls emotions.
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Louann Chen

4.0 (10)
2 – 5 Years
$55 / hr

Ming Lian

4.4 (10)
1 Year
$60 / hr

Billy Swanson

3.8 (10)
6 – 9 Years
$45 / hr

Emily Wang

3.8 (10)
2 – 5 Years
$70 / hr

Heather Jackson

4.2 (10)
1 Year
$50 / hr

Rachel Marks

4.0 (10)
2 – 5 Years
$80 / hr

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I thought I knew everything about reflexology until I met Ruyan.  She helped me to relieve my stress whenever I visit her and is always a good listener.  I highly recommend HealnUp Massage to those needing a great massage.

Charles Li

engineer retired

I’ve never considered massage to treat my (sometimes) binge drinking before hearing of Ruyan’s HealnUp Massage.  My first massage was low cost and I’ve never looked back!  I recommend anyone needing a “withdrawal” relief to try it out.

Kevin Andersen

Dental hygienist

When I found HealnUp online, I saw they were offering low-cost massages to new clients.  I figured …what the heck?   I really enjoyed the back massage so much that I got my girlfriend to have a foot massage too.  They do great stress-relief work.  We both sleep better, I think, because of the regular massage. Thanks again.

Ben Yursich

truck driver

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